Whether you are looking for before & after school car, daycare, or dance & cheer classes, we can help at Sister's Care Day Care Center & at Carla's Dance Company in Ward & Des Arc! 
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Child Care Pricing

6 am to 6 pm Monday - Friday 

Holiday & Summer Care for Preschool $115 per week

Preschool before/after school $70.00 per week
Babies and Toddlers - $130 per week 

Before/After School - $65 per week

Holiday & Summer Care for school age $100.00 per week

Carla's Dance Co. Pricing

Baby Dance Classes for 2 1/2-3 years old is $45.00 per month. This includes a 30 minute class once a week.
In the 30 minute class each child will receive 15 minutes of tap and 15 minutes of tumble.

Preschool Dance Class for 4-5 year olds is $55.00 per month for a 1 hour class once a week.
Class consists of 20 minutes of Ballet, 20 minutes of Tap, and 20 minutes of Tumble. 
You may add on to this class. Each additional class is 30 minutes and and an additional 10.00 per class per month.

Classes for children 6-and up for the first 30 minutes is $45.00 per month and each additional class is 10.00 per month.
We offer the following classes for 6 years and up Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop , & Tumbling.

Cheer prep must take tumbling to take cheer prep together 1 hour. Class is $55.00 per month 

Competitive Dance 

We compete in at least 5 competitions in the surrounding areas. 
The cost of the competitions are additional to the monthly competition fee.
The average fee for the competitions is $45.00.
Costume fees for competition teams is around 75-100 dollars.
Competition members are required to attend dance workshops. We usually have 4 and the average cost is around $50.00- $100.00. 
Our competition monthly fee is $100.00 per month and includes any optional class and one group routine. 
Each additional routine is $10.00 per month.
Solos are an additional $75.00 per month.
Duets and trios are an additional $40.00 per month.
Our new teams are formed in July, but experienced dancers are welcome to try out for our teams at anytime. We have teams for children age four and up. We are forming a special needs class on Tuesday nights at 6pm. For class times please call. 

Carla's Dance Co. & Sister's Care

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